"This is a splendid book, beautifully written and scientifically accurate. Its structure, using the stories of individual scientists to illuminate the quest to understand our cosmic origin, is highly successful. This book can be read with profit and pleasure by anyone from a young student beginning her interest in science to an old astronomer, like this reviewer, who has trod many of these paths for the past half century."

David Morrison, Director, Carl Sagan Center for Study of Life in the Universe, SETI

Institute, 2014

"The Stardust Revolution shows that truth may be more fascinating than fiction. Writing in The Science Teacher, Charles Hill observed that stories allow a reader to absorb information in a natural way. Berkowitz has perfected a way of drawing the reader into the science story of astrobiology...The intricacies of the story are made clear and in piecing them together the book is outstanding. Best of all, the book remains interesting from page one through page 308..."

Steve Canipe, NSTA Recommends (National Association of Science Teachers) 2012


"“[Full of] wit as well as intellectual rigor…The visual and linguistic flights of fancy in this book are captivating.”

Newsday, September, 2006

"Out of This World is the total package. It combines accessible content with colour and creativity, and is sure to engage and fascinate curious Earthlings of all ages.”

Canadian Children’s Book News, Fall 2009

"Jurassic Poop works brilliantly…the book is superbly organized, and written in a zippy, engaging style that balances fact with fun…In short, any young reader fascinated with prehistoric life will love Jurassic Poop.”
Quill and Quire, October, 2006


“Jacob Berkowitz is the best kind of kids’ science writer…he writes with competence, humor, a clear love of science and the art of sharing that love with young readers.”
Quill and Quire, Summer, 2009
"Delightful!" Out of This World,  The Best Astronomy Books of 2009,

Terence Dickinson, SkyNews, Nov/Dec, 2009


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