I'm a writer.


In other words, I find expression through words in myriad forms as an author, science writer, journalist, performer, speaker, and sometime teacher.


I do this, usually, from my second-floor home office, overlooking a 19th century barn and my garlic patch, in Almonte, a town of 5000, 45-minutes from Ottawa, Canada. So, I'm a 21st century writer, utterly dependent on and grateful for the Internet.


My writing combines a passion for both science and storytelling. A long time ago I would sit in a big leather chair in the university library and read Stephen J. Gould's essays on the history of the making of evolutionary theory. I found them insightful and utterly captivating.




My writing primarily explores the intersection of science, story and self. What this means for me is the perennial urge to see scientific facts within a cultural, historical and personal context.


For example, as a journalist I've written a first-person feature on the history and social trends in vasectomy. (Canadian men are the world's keenest "snippees", Latin Americans' among the least).


My play Entangled explores the relationship between two titans of  20th century thought, physicist Wolfgang Pauli and psychologist Carl Jung and their 25-year-long conversation on how psyche emerges from our atomic essence.


And my book The Stardust Revolution reveals how we're in the midst of the third great scientific revolution, a merging of the Copernican and Darwinian revolutions, putting life in a cosmic context. It's a book that intimately interweaves complex science, a new creation story and a new and deep understanding of self as the descendants of stars.


Lately, I'm also exploring the intersection of fact and fiction in the books we label memoir, non-fiction and novels.


Through my boutique science writing business Quantum Writing I turn scientific facts into engaging stories for research-based organizations across the United States and Canada. Quantum Writing has provided me an incredible opportunity to interview hundreds of scientists from Nobel Laureates to grad students, and keep my ear-to-the-ground on the development of science in myriad fields during the past two decades.


I'm presently the Virtual Writer-in-Residence at the Institute for Science, Society and Policy at the University of Ottawa.


I warmly welcome queries to discuss commissions, assignments and contracts.


For book-length projects, please begin by contacting my literary agent, Carolyn Forde.







Later, in embryology class, I'd clone carrot cells, or monitor a chicken embryo's development.


I was torn between the nitty gritty of doing science, and what I found to be the more expansive space of being an observer and chronicler, of standing back to see and write about the big picture.


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