Jacob Berkowitz brings deep personal experience and a unique perspective on science to audiences across the United States and Canada. He's a dynamic, passionate and engaging speaker at science conferences, literary festivals, libraries, museums, universities and with community groups.


He's offered insights on science popularizing to computational science graduate students in Washington, D.C.; engaged scientists in the forgotten history of 20th century astronomy at the Carnegie Observatory in Pasadena, California and given a public audience a dazzling new view of the cosmos at a Jasper, Alberta Dark Sky festival.


Like my books, my talks combine humor and insight and share scientific facts within the context of a compelling story. I seamlessly weave anecdotes, metaphor, analogy and narrative history to make complex science accessible and engaging for a general audience. My talks also engage scientific audiences with new views on the history of science and the intersection of their work and the larger society.

I encourage a lively Q&A and always enjoy staying and talking with audience members after a presentation. My presentations are light on PowerPoint and strong on story and insight.


  • The Stardust Revolution, about the new science of life in a cosmic context.

  • The Search for an Alien Earth, presently the hottest field in astronomy.

  • Coprolites (fossil poop): The fascinating story of the making of a new, unexpected science that's the best source of ancient DNA.

  • The history of science, from the social context of breakthrough inventions to the notion of "impossible" in shaping the trajectory of scientific discovery.

  • Story it Up, Don't Dumb it Down: The art and craft of popularizing science

  • Science and Story, the intersection of the two most powerful forces in Western civilization and how this interaction shapes our lives.

  • The creative process from the inside--I've shared the creative journey for 25 years with my wife, the artist Rosemary Leach)

  • Science education, how to see the big picture story and move from isolation to integration.

Please get in touch to discuss your event and ask any questions.


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