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Don’t dumb it down -- story it up.

In my role as a creative consultant and contract science writer, I turn complex facts into compelling, accessible stories that engage and inspire audiences.

Quantum Writing has popularized the work of dozens of major science research-based organizations in the United States and Canada.

My specialty is in creative projects that bridge disciplines, push boundaries and empower transformative approaches.

Select Recent Projects

Fort the past decade I developed and wrote the script for the annual U.S. National Inventors Hall of Fame Annual Induction Ceremony, a 500-person, gala in Washington D.C. 


In 2022, I created the National Arts Centre of Canada’s English Theatre’s nationwide online Physics and Theatre Symposium. The physics and theatre professional panelists explored what the nature the atom or the cosmos tells us about love, friendship, trust, memory, and ultimately, what it means to be human.

As the writer for Just Green Cities (2021) I produced a major national report on how to interweave social equity into municipal infrastructure renewal to meet Canada’s climate change and sustainable development goals.


I loved creating the character-driven exhibition text of Soil Superheroes for the Canadian Agriculture and Food Museum. (2020)


As event rapporteur and writer for the two-day Envisioning Computational Innovations for Cancer Challenges (ECICC) Scoping Meeting at Lawrence Livermore Laboratory in California. I distilled the complex interdisciplinary discussion into an integrated Scoping Meeting Report. (2019) The event brought together a hundred researchers and the Report now guides a major international research program. The event was led by the National Cancer Institute and U.S. Department of Energy and facilitated by Know Innovation.


"Jacob Berkowitz is a master storyteller with a rare talent for turning lifeless and daunting technical information into an engaging, animated narrative."​
                                                                         — Bill Cannon, Creative Director, Krell Institute

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