Quantum Writing is Jacob Berkowitz's Boutique Science Writing Consultancy;

Turning complex facts into Engaging Stories for Leading Research-Based Clients

across the United States and Canada.

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Quantum Writing provides more than two decades of experience turning technical scientific and health concepts into energetic, engaging, accessible language.

Clients Include:


  • National Inventors Hall of Fame

  • American Institute of Physics News Service (AIP)

  • Krell Institute (U.S. Department of Energy)

  • KnowInnovation

  • National Center for Atmospheric Research

  • TRIUMF: Canada’s National Particle Accelerator Centre

  • Reframe Health Films (including the Dr. Mike series)

  • Policy Horizons (Canada’s federal futurist think-tank)

  • Canadian Association for HIV Research

  • Canadian Institutes of Health Research

  • Child and Family Research Institute (Vancouver)

  • Rideau Community Health Services

  • Canadian Museum of Nature

  • Natural Sciences and Engineering Council of Canada

  • National Research Council of Canada

  • Natural Resources Canada

  • Environment Canada

  • Parks Canada

  • Perimeter Institute

  • Social Sciences and Humanities Council of Canada

  • Canada Foundation for Innovation

  • Alberta Ingenuity

  • Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada

  • University of Ottawa

"Jacob Berkowitz is a master storyteller with a rare talent for turning lifeless and daunting technical information into an engaging, animated narrative."​

                                                                         — Bill Cannon, Creative Director, Krell Institute

Praise for Quantum Writing: