Prix Rideau Award 

Entangled is a beautifully magnetic force....

Positively superb to watch.”

                                               --Capital Critics Circle

The Anniversary
@ The Canadian Science Policy Conference
LabO Theatre, Nov. 15-16, 2022


Evelyn Carlyle married the perfect man and created her ideal family. But when her three adult children return home to celebrate their parents’ 30th anniversary, her creation starts to look like a failed lab experiment.


Choice, identity and the nature of connection collide in a gripping exploration of the intimate role of science and technology in our lives. How does technology shape our deepest familial relationships in ways we don’t understand or even recognize?

What does it mean to grow-up in an age when technology gives us once impossible choices?


A powerful futuristic family drama that gets at the ancient roots of what it is to be human, or not.

The Anniversary is staged in-the-round.

"Portraying a robot on stage allows us to explore what it means to be human"


The Cast:
(left to right)


Ludmylla Reis as Marley

Eve Beauchamp as Cordelia

Hugh Neilson as Adam

Puja Uppal as Sarah

Kristina Watt as Eve


Jacob talks about Entangled as part of a special two-part CBC Radio IDEAS series on Theatre and Physics

Praise for Entangled:

“This rich, fascinating play deserves a wide audience.

A magnificent piece of theatre and of history!”

                  ---Barbara Popel, Apt 613 Theatre Critic

“Astute and moving.”

                    ---Patrick Langston, Artsfile

1. pauli and jung at blacboard.jpeg
Actors David Frisch and Paul Rainville at one of many sold out performances at Ottawa's LabO Theatre.

On his deathbed, Nobel Prize-winning quantum physicist Wolfgang Pauli gasped one last word: Jung! It was December 1958. Pauli was finally speaking a truth that seeing death’s door called out of him – his secret friendship with pioneering psychoanalyst Carl Jung.

Entangled is about the largely unknown 25-year friendship between these two intellectual giants of the 20th century. As a play of ideas and personalities, their relationship contains enormous dramatic tension: between the head and heart; physics and the mind; truth and fiction; reason and emotion; consciousness and the unconscious.


Entangled explores the dynamic of Jung and Pauli’s complex relationship as doctor and patient, as two great intellects, as archetypal father and son and finally as that most ethereal yet powerful of connections - friends.

Quantum Dreams: New Play Explores Carl Jung and Wolfgang Pauli’s Relationship:

Playwright’s Notes on the creation of Entangled.


From Page to Stage

6. entangled books.jpeg

Pauli (David Frisch), Stage Manager (Jane Osborn), Pauli (Paul Rainville) with playwright Jacob Berkowitz.