Friendship Is The Strongest Alchemy


On his deathbed, Nobel Prize-winning quantum physicist Wolfgang Pauli gasped one last word: Jung! It was December 1958. He was finally speaking a truth that seeing death’s door called out of him – his secret friendship with pioneering psychoanalyst Carl Jung.


Entangled is about the largely unknown 25-year friendship between these two intellectual giants of the 20th century. As a play of ideas and personalities, their relationship contains enormous dramatic tension: between the head and heart; physics and the mind; truth and fiction; reason and emotion; consciousness and the unconscious.


Entangled explores the dynamic of Jung and Pauli’s complex relationship as doctor and patient, as two great intellects, as archetypal father and son and finally as that most ethereal and yet powerful of connections - friends.



From Page to Stage

Actors Paul Rainville as Carl Jung (left) and David Frisch as Wolfgang Pauli put Entangled on "its feet" in early rehearsals in May, 2019.

Watching intently are director Cathy Clark (back, right) and stage manager Jane Osborn.

Children's Theatre

The Mysterious Case of Who Dung It?
Jurassic Poop hits the stage!


It’s a unique, hilarious theatrical 30-minute presentation on the science of fossil poop — coprolites. I enter the stage/venue as my alter ego – Chief Bottom, Dung Detective. I’ve found a mysterious coprolite and need the audiences’ help to find the poopetrator. Audience members are sworn-in as junior dung detectives and use their “CLAWS” clues to help bag this case! Learn the basics of paleontology while laughing!

The show involves the one-and-only PoopCase, an old suitcase full of real coprolites. It’s a highly interactive show full of laughs and learning. Performances can be followed by a Q&A session.

I’ve performed the show at more than 150 schools, libraries, museums, national parks and book events from Quebec to British Columbia.

The Mysterious Case of Who Dung It? was exactly the kind of show we like to have because it is engaging, funny and at the same time, educational. Mr. Berkowitz is a born entertainer.” 
Patti McCabe, Programs Coordinator, Royal Ontario Museum

"I just want to say again how amazing it was to have you at the library. Since your visit we've received several drawings of Ambrosia and a delightful "thank you" letter from one of the classes. We loved having you and you're welcome back any time!"
Ashley Kulchyck, Librarian, Thompson Public Library, Thompson, Manitoba 

The Lost Alien Show

The performance is a 30-minute, interactive, theatrical-style puppet show that takes audiences out-of-this-world. Ambrosia the alien is lost, and needs your help to find her way home. How hard can this be? There are only eight planets in our Solar System. But, Ambrosia isn’t from our Solar System. She’s from an exoplanet—an amazing planet around another star. Join the search for an alien Earth and help this ET go home!

With fun and laughter, the show introduces audiences to the present-day search for exoplanets, and particularly another living, Earth-like planet. Presentations can be followed by a 15-minute Q&A session.

Ambrosia was built by master puppet-maker and former Fraggle Rock puppeteer Trish Leeper.

The show works best with family audiences, or grades 2 to 6

Based on my book Out of This World: The Amazing Search for an Alien Earth.


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